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Last night I had to babysit. And I love it because the children are too cute!
But when you have to change a diaper and it's litterally FULL OF SHIT, that kinda takes away the
cuteness :S
But then I read them a story and they slept tight and didn't come out of beds. And they do come out of their beds when their parents are home. That means that: 1 they're afraid of me; 2 they know that they should stay in their beds and go to sleep. And I really think it's the second one :p
They listen so well when I'm their, I begin to feel powerfull :P

Oh and another thing: since the summer vacation of this year I've become a vegetarian. I don't eat meat anymore and I like it. It's not even hard to keep up to it. There are excellent meat substitutes (right word?) and delicious vegetarian recipes. And since I like to cook and try out new things it's been nothing but fun, so far.

Okay, that's it for now
Hold on..
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