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Just one week

Ah finally, there's only one week left before the holidays. I'm really looking forward to them. I can use not going to school very much. And besides that, things are going really well between me and a certain guy :) (btw Let's call him 'R'). So we can spend more time together. So I think I hope that it will work out :D.

Yesterday I had an audition for a little festival at our school. And it was sooooooooooooo scary! I have played a couple of at that festival before but that was only to play the guitar and someone else sang. And now I had to do it both! It was so scary, I had never done that before but I got some good feedbacks so I think I did it allright. I hope I'll get to perform, that for sure will give some suprised faces from people who didn't know that I can sing a bit :P.

Well, I'm off to bed gonna dream about.....

...things and stuff :P
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hii it's lauren! (twelvefiftyone..) i knoooow i had you on that account ages ago. mind if i add you? it's been so long! how are you? i didn't get strokes tickets either :(:(
Well, I'm great. Are you doing okay too?? It sure has been long! geez! :D

And of course I don't mind you adding me!! :)