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Maybe some of you remember that I wanted to work at the w2. The concert place here in my town. Well, yesterday I had a interview at 3:30 pm and guess what??? I'M FUCKING IN!!!!


On the 30rd of April I have to work for the first time. And I'm actually part of the camera/video team! Just the team that seemed the coolest to me! I'm SO thrilled about this!!


Then, something else. This week we collected money with my scouting group for some animal fund. And we went to a village in the neighbourhood of mine. And at one moment I was in front of this huge house and ringed the bell. But when the door opened, there was this moment... *whoah* I don't know how to explain that clear enough :P. On the other side of the doorstep there stood this cool guy, smiling at me. And I was like, yaay, I needed that :P. He was my type of guy, wearing a t-shirt of the Foo Fighters. He just looked so nice :). Now my friends convinced me to write him a letter. And, although it seems sooooo desperate, I think I'm gonna do that. AARGHH It really sounds pathetic when I'm reading this back. But there was definately 'that moment' you know.

Well, I can give it a shot, can't I?


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