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Part 2, the story continues...

Ok, so I sent him a letter, and guess what?

He e-mailed me BACK!

That was tuesday 1,5 week ago. And he asked me out to the movies :D:D. So we went to see White Noise (great film, btw!) And it was all nice and cool and that sort of stuff. He's so cool and relax. He likes Jimi Hendrix (yeah!) and he likes it that I ♥ The Doors (YEAH!). And he's a real gentleman, he brought me home after the film. I really enjoyed it, so I send him an e-mail on monday, that I had a really nice time and that I would like to see him again. And the response was again positive! So, that second date will take place :D.

Well, that was an update. I just came back from the library and I rent a very big book with tablature in it. So my fingers want me to pick up my guitar and play it until they're bleeding :P

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