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Lazy... because only 3 days

Yeah! I think R and I are really hitting it off. :D
It's great to have someone again. Although, on the other hand, I'm definately not a person who has to be around her bf all the time. Although, I'm not now. Or isn't that a good sign? Well, I'll see where it goes. It's cool right now, and it doesn't have to be more right now.

Oh! And this morning I finally saw the video for 'Juicebox' on our MTV!! FINALLY!!! Of course I saw parts of it on the internet but our connection appears not to be as good as I thought so I didn't get to see the whole video until this morning. It really rocks. I hope it's gonna be a little hit overhere. They deserve it. But on the other hand, they mustn't become very commercial :D.
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